unCURATED is on a mission to spark meaningful conversations that cultivate emotional well-being and expand our understanding of others and ourselves. By asking each other thought provoking questions, we expand, we deepen our connections to one another, we realize our shared belonging, and we learn how to honor vulnerable conversations.

About our Founder

unCURATED is a card game to spark meaningful conversations

Cherini Ghobrial’s passion for health led her to a pharmaceutical career where she earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Wanting to pursue health beyond physical wellbeing, her current journey asks how we can pursue connection, self-discovery, empathy, and overall emotional well-being through creating spaces for intentional conversations. She created this card game called unCURATED, to build emotional well-being and relational connectivity amongst groups while exploring the human condition. 

Brene Brown is her spirit animal and her love language is podcast recommendations. She is a first generation Egyptian American and in her spare time, she is hiking around North Georgia and spending too much money on hair products and smoothie bowls. 

Get in touch at hello@uncuratedco.com and follow along on Instagram @unCURATEDco. If you'd like to book Cherini to speak at your conference or event, email hello@uncuratedco.com.