What is unCURATED? 
unCURATED® is a card game of creative questions. It is designed to help you have meaningful conversations with friends, family, and basically any other human.

We believe life is all about connecting with others. But sometimes it is hard to think of the right questions to ask. It is our mission to provide an avenue for connection through equipping you with conversation tools.

Why is it called unCURATED? 
This is a curated space to have uncurated conversations. We did the leg work of creating the questions, and you take away all the connection from meaningful convos!

Where can I play unCURATED? 
Literally anywhere! Pick up the deck and go. Great for anything from dinner parties, to family reunions, to book clubs, to conferences, to first dates. Even journal prompts to connect to yourself!

How do I play unCURATED?

Here’s how we recommend playing, but this is YOUR game. Feel free to explore what works for you!

Each player takes a turn drawing one card, starting with the deck for Round 1

  • That player reads the question and answers it aloud
  • Continue in a circle as each player takes his/her/their turn
  • Progress to the next round as comfortable
  • Note: the rounds progressively get emotionally deeper. Only play as far as you are comfortable

Before you begin, read the SHARED AGREEMENTS card.

So what is a shared agreement?

They are guidelines we provide that are meant to be agreed upon by all parties involved before playing unCURATED®. Basically, there are ways we can listen and respect each other to lessen the possibility of wounding each other in conversations. After all, vulnerability is the birthplace of connection (as Brene Brown has taught us), but by definition it means “to be woundable”. When having conversations, it is important that we learn how to hold space for vulnerability, allowing deeper connection to be possible! These guidelines are inspired by The Circles of Trust® developed by Parker Palmer and The Center for Courage and Renewal as well as Dr. Cherini's extensive research on recovery groups.

When will my order ship?
We love your enthusiasm and can't wait for you to get your game! We ship out orders once a week, every Tuesday and eagerly wait for you to receive it.

Do you accept returns?
Once you buy it, it's yours forever. All sales are final. If there is an issue with your order, give us a shout at hello@uncuratedco.com, we are very reasonable people.

Where can I find unCURATED?
Currently unCURATED is available online, directly through this very website. You can also find unCURATED at Horse + Hero in Asheville, NC, Valor Coffee Shop in Alpharetta, GA, and The Melrose Collective in Boston, MA.

Can I sell unCURATED in my store? 
Of course you can! Hit us up at hello@uncuratedco.com for more information on our wholesale program. 

Can I buy this game outside the US?
YES! WE SHIP TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!...but shipping costs will fluctuate based on location.

I LOVE THE DESIGN! Who’s the designer? 
The brilliant designer of the unCURATED card game is Niki Malek. Check her work out at www.nikimalek.com and on insta @nikimalek. She’s the actual best and a dreamboat to work with!

Any other questions or comments? 
Drop us a line at hello@uncuratedco.com